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Journée mondiale AL

Animals living freely in urban spaces are integral to our daily lives. Due to profound changes in their habitat caused by urbanization and our lifestyle, they differ from wild or domestic animals, forming a distinct category known as « liminal animals ».

The World Day for the Defense of Liminal Animals has been set for July 18 in honour of the release of the book « Zoopolis » by Sue Donaldson and Will Kymlicka. This year, the Day will be held on Saturday, July 20, 2024, to facilitate the mobilisation of activists for this event.

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This manifesto establishes fundamental principles for peaceful coexistence with these animals in our cities.

The primary goal of this day is to promote a collective reflection on how to coexist with liminal animals in urban spaces and to highlight the cruel methods widely used against them. We aspire to a peaceful coexistence between humans and liminal animals : our societal project.

The theme for this inaugural year is the coexistence with pigeons and the denunciation of cruel methods targeting them.

Fundamental Principles:

We recognize two inseparable axes for better coexistence with liminal animals:

1. Improve the lives of liminal animals

a) Population control: We support population control of liminal animals if necessary but strongly condemn the use of lethal methods.

b) Habitat preservation: We advocate for safeguarding specific areas, such as green spaces, where liminal animals live. The establishment of suitable structures, such as pigeon lofts, is encouraged.

c) Adequate nutrition: Public policies must ensure that animals can access suitable nutrition. Vegetated living spaces are recommended to meet the specific needs of herbivorous animals.

d) Consultation and ethology: Implementing coexistence solutions requires thoroughly studying each species’ ethology and biological needs. A consultation process between stakeholders is essential.


2. Change the collective perception of liminal animals:

Sensitization: We must change our representations by sensitizing the population through educational activities, conferences, and scientific outreach.

For this first edition, 34 associations have signed our manifesto.

AgirOra Network Italy, Animal Rebellion, Animal Right League, Animal Save France, Animal Save Valencia, ATRA, Bite Back, Brigana Animal, Casa Vegana, Combactive, DxE Baltimore, DxE Champaign, Futur Asso, L’AG Antispéciste, L’AJAS, L214, La Griffe, La SNDA, Le Collectif Animalier du 06, Le Collectif Rennais pour l’Égalité Animale, Le Projet Méduses, Loomus, Movimento Antispecista, NALA, Nevidimi, Obraz, Ocima Zvirat, Oipa Italia, One Voice, PETA France, QUATRE PATTES, Sentience Rennes, Sentience Suisse, Unión Vegetariana Española

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      Scheduled events in France:

Scheduled events around the world:

Other actions:

France: La Griffe will publish a collection of testimonials on the occasion of World Day, and Futur Asso will release a video.
AgireOra will write educational content.
OIPA will write and distribute flyers and visuals.

Mexico: Brigada Animal will record a dedicated podcast and publish educational content.
Unión Vegetariana Española is going to publish an article that will appear in their journal in July and on their website.

To propose an action in your city (freely chosen action: conference, screening, debate, demonstration, leaflet distribution, etc.), contact the team by email at: [email protected]


PAZ commits to :

– centralizing all actions on its website and promoting them on social media.

– promoting the event by contacting the national and local press in each region where at least one event is being carried out.

– conducting a post-event analysis of the World Day and sharing its content with all participating organizations. 

– supporting initiatives and providing :

  •  For event in France : materiel tailored to each local event.
  •  For event outside of France : PDFs of leaflets in your language to facilitate printing.
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  • Make a donation.
  • Spread the word about this World Day around you.
  • Create content about Liminary Animals to be released on July 20th (video, poem, music, illustration, article etc.).
  • Raise awareness for the Day by changing your banner on Facebook and Twitter/X


Nous remercions la SNDA pour son soutien pour cette Journée.